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GNU R package for Bayesian inference
The bayesm package covers many important models used in marketing and
micro-econometrics applications. The package includes:
* Bayes Regression (univariate or multivariate dep var)
* Multinomial Logit (MNL) and Multinomial Probit (MNP)
* Multivariate Probit,
* Multivariate Mixtures of Normals
* Hierarchical Linear Models with normal prior and covariates
* Hierarchical Multinomial Logits with mixture of normals prior and
* Bayesian analysis of choice-based conjoint data
* Bayesian treatment of linear instrumental variables models
* Analyis of Multivariate Ordinal survey data with scale usage heterogeneity
(as in Rossi et al, JASA (01)).
For further reference, consult the authors' book, _Bayesian Statistics and
Marketing_ by Allenby, McCulloch and Rossi.
Home Page: http://gsbwww.uchicago.edu/fac/peter.rossi/research/bsm.html
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